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Fabian Rojas Barrales Wins the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

April 19, 2012 —

Sonny Astani Teaching Assistant Fabian Rojas Barrales won one of the three University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards at the University of Southern California’s 31st Annual Honors Convocation. Every year, USC honors faculty members and students for their achievements in leadership and scholarship. The Honors Convocation took place at the Town and Gown on Wednesday, April 4th. USC honors the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award to a graduate teaching assistant who displays distinction and dedication in education. USC awarded Fabian for his patience and time with students in both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Fabian is the first Viterbi student to receive the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from USC. The Sonny Astani department has twice awarded Fabian for the Outstanding TA Award. Fabian currently is a PhD student majoring in Earthquake Engineering and has been a teaching assistant since 2008.


Professor Erik Johnson and Fabian Rojas Barrales showcases the award


Left to Right: Tania Porras, Miguel Hernandez-Garcia, Professor Erik Johnson, Fabian Rojas Barrales, Carolina Arancibia, Andrea Martinez, Luis Perez, and Francisco Ortega.