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USC Viterbi Robotics Open House

USC Viterbi opens its doors to the public for its annual Robotics Open House
By: Regina Wu
April 14, 2014 —

On April 10, USC Viterbi opened its doors to the public for the annual USC Viterbi Robotics Open House, a showcase of current robotics research by faculty and students.

Organized by the USC Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center (RASC), the open house featured a host of different machines, including robot wheelchairs, nanorobots, underwater robots, flying robots, robotic arms, reconfigurable "super robots," and social and humanoid robots, both small and large. Below is a sampling of media coverage of the event.  

The University of Southern California’s robots usually lurk in dim basement labs and rooms tucked at the end of winding corridors. They didn’t actually emerge on Thursday, but the public was invited inside for an intimate look at what the school’s engineering and artificial intelligence experts have been building.

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Children from local schools attend the USC Viterbi Robotics Open House to learn about robotics and how STEM education can steer them into a career in engineering.

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Elementary and middle school students got to tour the USC Robotics and Embedded Systems Center on Thursday. This annual event provided hands-on experience for the students to interact with robots that can mirror their movements.

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Robots haven’t officially taken over the world, at least not yet. But they have taken over the week -- its national robotics week. And they have taken over the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California -- they are having a robotics open house.

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MxR team members Ryan Spicer and Rhys Yahata took part in the USC Robotics Open House where they demonstrated a prototype where a user or operator can control a physical object, like the Phantom X Robotic Arm kit, from within a virtual environment.

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