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K-12 Outreach: The Bedrock of Innovation

Prof. Ravichandran meets with high school students at Manual Arts High School on “School Without Walls” Day
By: Katie Mills
October 05, 2015 —
Photo credit: LAUSD Linked Learning Program

High school students present a lot of ideas in science fairs, but they don’t usually get to talk face to face about their ideas with a university professor like Dr. Jayakanth Ravichandran of USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. As part of Los Angeles Unified School District’s Linked Learning program, a “School Without Walls” event at Manual Arts High School recently invited Ravichandran to meet students and hear about their projects in the School of Medical Sciences, Arts, and Technology pathway, led by Ms. Anitha Alagala.

When asked why he is so committed to outreach with K-12 students, Professor Ravichandran said: "STEM careers have been the bedrock of the innovations in America. It is crucial to foster students to understand and embrace the importance of a STEM career, to keep up our innovative spirit. Hence, I strive my best to create awareness about STEM careers in young children at the K-12 level."