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From 8,500 Miles Away - New Ties With India

USC Viterbi is set to launch new programs to attract Indian Ph.D. candidates
May 04, 2016 —


Viterbi-India Summer 2015 Students: Photo Courtesy of Raghu Raghavendra

As one of the most globally diverse student populations, USC’s Von KleinSmid Center is adorned with over 100 flags to represent the university’s international student population. In accordance, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering is currently launching a series of programs intended to globalize the engineering mind — specifically in India. For the past decade, USC Viterbi has been solidifying its partnership with higher educational institutions in India to provide engineering based programs.

The Viterbi India Program allows approximately 20 outstanding undergraduate students from Indian based institutions to conduct research under USC Viterbi faculty members throughout the summer. The program was created several years ago to allow students from India to experience USC Viterbi’s state-of-the-art engineering facilities and resources.

According to Aditi Gupta, a 2015 alumni of the Viterbi India program, “[it] was an experience that will be close to my heart for a long time indeed.”

Many of these students returned to USC for their doctoral program. Currently, of the 2015 Viterbi India program alumni, six out of the 21 have applied for the Ph.D. program.

For the past decade, USC Viterbi has been solidifying its partnership with higher educational institutions in India to provide engineering based programs. 

In order to continue to attract first class engineering minds from all around the world, USC Viterbi has developed a new India based program. This fall, USC Viterbi will be introducing a new program in conjunction with the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) from India. SERB has teamed up with USC to provide the SERB-USC fellowship to five incoming Ph.D. candidates from India. Nominations and applications are currently underway for the fall of 2016. Admission selections are made by USC, and SERB will approve the USC nominated candidates for this fellowship. However, USC faculty will thoroughly examine each candidate and identify students that would potentially be a good match for current USC research faculty. The fellowship will appeal to top notch Ph.D. candidates from all over India and allow them to focus on their studies with the SERB-USC fellowship over a period of four years.

For the past few decades, USC has been actively recruiting students in India. USC’s focus on India as an engineering industry leader comes from the successful India-based alumni and the opportunity for international collaboration among different companies and institutions. USC Viterbi currently offers a number of fellowships for international Ph.D. candidates outside of India. These fellowships were established to draw in high quality students to USC Viterbi’s P.h.D. program. USC Viterbi’s brand will be spread internationally as a highly ranked engineering school attracting the top engineering minds of our generation.