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Stationery and Business Cards

The approved USC Viterbi letterhead design mirrors the university’s design with the inclusion of the shield, but carries its own logotype. The left and right margins have been established as a university-wide standard at 1.125 inches and 0.75 inches respectively. The recommended standard for formatted letters is force justified but rag right is also acceptable.

The university’s approved stationery vendors have all the graphic assets for the USC Graphic Identity Program, including those for all academic units.

Viterbi Letterhead

Formal letterhead with formatted letter to show proper alignment.
Actual letterhead size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

Viterbi Envelope 

USC Viterbi #10 envelope design with formal logotype and return address aligned on front in upper left corner; shield centered on back flap and positioned 0.25 inches above bottom of square flap.

Actual size of #10 envelope is 9.5 x 4.125


Viterbi Business Card

USC Viterbi business card design with sub-unit
Actual size 3.5 x 2 inches
Eight-line maximum imprint capacity. 



To Order Stationery and Business Cards

Go to usc.edu/purchasing

  • Click on Trojan e-Market and Log-in
  • Click on Search for Contract Supplier
  • For Business Cards enter: Corporate Graphics
  • For Letterhead enter: Letterhead Factory
You will be prompted with instructions for personalizing your stationery items and asked to fill out your contact information in the appropriate fields. If you have any questions, contact

USC Purchasing Services
213 740 9786