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Digital Signage


The Viterbi School Digital Signage System is a resource for all Viterbi related events and announcements.  The system automatically pulls information from the common Viterbi Web Calendar, the Viterbi Website, and can accept bulletins in various formats.   There are over 20 LCD screens located within 7 buildings.



The Viterbi Digital Signage System consists of screens in:

  • Denney Research Building (DRB)
  • Electrical Engineering Building (EEB)
  • Kaprielian Hall (KAP)
  • Olin Hall of Engineering (OHE)
  • Powell Hall of Engineering (PHE)
  • Ronald Tutor Hall (RTH)
  • Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL)
  • Seaver Science Center (SSC)
  • Vivian Hall (VHE)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can post ads/bulletins to the Viterbi Digital Signage?
A: The system is available for any/all Viterbi affiliated events for no charge.  At this time we do not allow non-Viterbi individuals or groups to post to the system, all requests must go through a Viterbi group/sponsor.  If you have an bulletin to submit please contact the play list manager below.  For questions on the system please contact Jason Dziegielewski.

Note: Events on the Viterbi Common Calendar are automatically posted to the system if you include a start and end time for the event.

Current Play List Managers:

  • Common Viterbi - Viterbi Marketing/Communications (Michelle Henry)
    -- Student Groups should contact Christina Mireles Martin
  • For building specific play lists:
    • DRB - Chris Noll (BME) or Susan Cooper (AMI)
    • EEB - Seth Scafani (EE-S)
    • OHE - Michelle Henry (Viterbi Marketing/Communication)
    • PHE - Eun Sok Kim (EE-P)
    • SAL - Ryan Rozan (CS)
    • VHE - Andy Chen (CHEMS)

Q: What are the available screen spaces?
A: Currently there is a common ad size of 960x720pixels at 72 dpi (4:3 aspect ratio) will work for all common Viterbi playlists. Ads can be JPG, GIF, or other supported image formats. For building specific play lists see the schematics of the screen layout page.

Q: How do I get my calendar events onto the screens?
A: All events posted to the Viterbi Common Calendar are automatically posted to the system if you include a start and end time

Additional Information for Content Managers