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1. Why does the KACE dialog box pop up more than once?  I already clicked YES to update and YES to restart my computer.


This may happen for a few reasons.  Your computer may not have been patched for a while.  There may be multiple patches released by the software publisher that need to be applied sequentially.  There may be patches that are incompatible and could not be combined into one big patch session.  These will need to be installed separately.


2. Why does KACE pop up on Mondays to do updates and patches?


Updates and patches are reviewed by Viterbi IT during the week and then released at midnight on Sunday so Monday is usually the first time you will be notified of the new updates and patches.  Please keep in mind that updates and patches could happen any day of the week at any time dependent on the software publisher.  Critical patches are released immediately after review.


3. I am a Mac user and I see a new icon with an exclamation point in my dock.  What is it and should I be concerned?


The icon with an exclamation point in the dock shows up if you select SNOOZE or CANCEL to a KACE Update Dialog box.  We are looking to see if this icon could be hidden.


4. I would like my computer to restart automatically after the updates and patches have been applied.  I don’t want to click YES to the KACE restart dialog box.  Is this possible?


The current setting gives you control over when to install the patches and when to restart the computer.  You might have documents opened that have not been saved.  If the computer restarts automatically after the updates and patches have been applied, it may cause you to lose data on files that have not been saved.


Last Updated: July 20, 2012