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OS and Software Updates


OS and Software Updates/Patches


Software                Dell KACE
Purpose Patch management solution for Windows and Mac computers.

Users require more and more software/applications to complete their tasks and/or increase efficiency.  However, every installed piece of software introduces a potential vulnerability to the system that could be exploited.

Manually patching a large number of computers in a timely manner may not be feasible or even doable:

  • May depend on the availability of the user for access to the computer.
  • May not have the staff to keep up.
  • Emergency patches could be released any day.
  • Managed computers means the user will not have administrative rights.  The user will not be able to update the OS or applications.  The user should not be burdened with this task.

An automated patch solution such as KACE, with minimal user intervention, allows Viterbi IT to push out OS and software updates/patches.  The minimal user intervention is giving the user the option to start the installation process when the user is ready.  If the user is in the middle or a memo, the user could finish the memo and then allow KACE to start the updating.  KACE supports the Windows and Mac platforms, allows Viterbi IT time to review patches before releasing and most importantly, deliver emergency security patches in a timely manner after review.

Who is Covered

Currently, staff from the following departments are covered:

Academic Units/Programs: AME, ASTE, BME, CEE, CS, EE-P, EWP, ISE, ITP, MFD.

Administrative Units: Dean's Office, Viterbi Business Affairs, Student Affairs, Advancement, Marketing and Communications.

Faculty support to be announced.

EE-S and GAPP/DEN staff and faculty, please contact your department IT liaison for additional information.



The following is a list of software that Dell KACE is presently configured to update/patch:

Standard Suite of Software


Windows Mac                                                                         
Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader
Firefox (Will not be updated for WEBBA users) Firefox (Will not be updated for WEBBA users)
Filezilla iTunes
Foxit Reader Office 2004
PrimoPDF Office 2008
VLC Office 2011
Quicktime Safari
7-Zip OS X
Java Java









Software Used Only By Some Users


Windows Mac             
Adobe CS Adobe CS
iTunes Adobe Air
Adobe Air  









Software Patchable by WSUS but moved to KACE

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Visio

Frequency of Patches

Patch date:

Weekly on Sundays

Patch released at:


KACE Agent Check In with Server for Updates:

Currently, agents are set to check in with the server every 6 hours.  If the computer is shut down and more than 6 hours has elapsed, upon start up, the agent will contact the server for updates/patches.


Although the patches will be released at 12:30am, your computer will be provided with the latest released patches when it is online any time after 12:30am.

Microsoft typically release their patches and updates on the second Tuesday of every month.  After a period of testing, the Sunday following the second Tuesday, Microsoft updates and patches will be released and available for your computer to download.

You will be alerted BEFORE the patches are downloaded and installed.  You will have the option to select OK, SNOOZE or CANCEL.  If no selection is made within 30 minutes, the patches will start to download and install.


OK Download and Install Patches.
SNOOZE You will be prompted again in 5 minutes.
CANCEL Not recommended but selecting this will cancel the process until the next time yoour computer checks in with the server for new patches.  Currently, agents are set to check in with the server every 6 hours.
NO SELECTION             If you do not select an option within 30 minutes, the patches will start to download and install.







On Windows, you will see the following dialog box:

On Mac, you will see the following dialog box:

After the patches have been installed, you will be asked to restart your computer.  Selecting YES will reboot your computer.  You could postpone the reboot by selecting NO.  If you do not make a selection within 30 minutes, you will be prompted again to reboot.  Your computer will not reboot automatically.  Please make sure you have saved your work before rebooting.

On Windows, you will see the following dialog box:

On Mac, you will see the following dialog box:

The KACE agent installed on your computer is configured to check with the patch server every 6 hours.

Patch Schedule (Emergency Patches)

Patch date:

Any day.

Patch released at:

Any time.

What is covered:

Any critical patch or software update that is released out of cycle by the software publisher to address critical flaws and vulnerabilities.  The list of software covered by Dell KACE is listed above.



Last Updated: 1/25/13