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Viterbi Software List

This list contains software currently installed in the Viterbi School of Engineering Computing Labs.

This is a list of software that Viterbi IT is aware of as of 9/14/2016 and is updated quarterly. If you have additional software titles that you are aware of and would like to add it to this list, please contact us at engrhelp@usc.edu

Please note that software titles with a download link was last updated on 1/27/2016. Software publishers may change or remove the download link at any time.

All labs come with standard software which includes: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Notepad++, Sophos Antivirus, Filezilla, VMware Horizon View and VLC Media Player.

  • Platforms - Software accessible on -Windows, -Mac OS X, -Linux, and  -Solaris operating systems.
  • Download - Software available for download. USCnet login may be required.
  • Classrooms - Software accessible in respective classrooms.
  • Remote - Software accessible with remote desktop (myDesktop). myDesktop is available for any participating classes.
  • ECC - Engineering Computing Center Labs (SAL 109, SAL 125, SAL 126, SAL 127)
  • ITP - ITP Computing Labs (KAP 107, KAP 160, KAP 267, OHE 540, OHE 542)

Software Name:


Software Platforms Download Classrooms Remote
Abaqus 6.14Windows RTH 109myDesktop
Adobe Creative CloudWindowsMac ECC , ITP myDesktop
AltiaWindows DRB 351 
AMPLWindows GER 309 
Android API, SDKWindowsXITP  
Android File TransferMac KAP 160, OHE 540, OHE 542 
Apple Compressor 4Mac OHE 540, OHE 542 
Apple Final Cut Pro XMac OHE 540, OHE 542 
Apple MotionMac OHE 540, OHE 542 
ArcGIS for DesktopWindows GER 309, SAL 125myDesktop
ArenaWindows GER 309 
Atlassian Source TreeWindows ITP myDesktop
AudacityWindowsMac ITP  
AutoDesk AutoCAD 2016WindowsXECC , GER 309, RTH 105, RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
AutoDesk AutoCAD Civil3DWindowsX myDesktop
Autodesk Maya 2011Windows ITP  
Autodesk Maya 2016WindowsXECC , ITP myDesktop
Autodesk NavisWorks 2016WindowsXECC , RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
Autodesk Revit 2016WindowsXECC , RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
AxureWindowsMac ITP myDesktop
BASIC Stamp EditorWindowsXRTH 109, RTH 115 
BasicXWindowsXRTH 109, RTH 115 
BioCaptureWindows DRB 351 
BioRadio Capture LiteWindows DRB 351 
BlueJ 3.1.5Windows ITP myDesktop
Citilabs CubeWindows  myDesktop
CleveLabsWindows DRB 351 
Cocos 2D for iPhoneMac KAP 160 
Code WarriorWindowsXRTH 109, RTH 115 
COMSOL - CFD ModuleWindowsMacLinux  myDesktop
COMSOL - Chemical Reaction Engineering ModuleWindowsMacLinux  myDesktop
COMSOL - Heat Transfer ModuleWindowsMacLinux  myDesktop
COMSOL - MultiphysicsWindowsMacLinux  myDesktop
Cryptools 1 & 2Windows KAP 107, KAP 267myDesktop
Cura 15.04Windows DRB 351 
CygwinWindows ITP  
Data Analysis Plus by KellerWindows GER 309 
Data Mining for ExcelWindows ITP myDesktop
Digilent Software Windows ECC myDesktop
Diligent Adept (Gandhi) Windows  myDesktop
DirectX SDK 2010Windows ITP myDesktop
DockLight 1.1Windows DRB 351 
Easy68kWindows RTH 115 
EclipseWindowsXECC , ITP , RTH 109, RTH 115 
EMTP-RV Windows SAL 109, SAL 125, SAL 127 
Erwin Data ModelerWindows ITP myDesktop
EWB Shared ComponentsWindows DRB 351 
Excel Analysis Toolpak Add InWindows GER 309 
FactoryCAD 2016Windows ECC , GER 309, RTH 105, RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
Gamemaker Studio + HTML ModuleWindows ITP  
Git 2.5.0WindowsxECC  
Granta Design CES EduPack 2016Windows RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
HI-TECH SoftwareWindows DRB 351 
IronCADWindows GER 309myDesktop
IVI Shared ComponentsWindows DRB 351 
Java SDKWindowsxECC myDesktop
Komodo EditWindowsMac ITP myDesktop
Lazarus 1.2.4Windows  myDesktop
Matlab R2013aWindows DRB 351 
Matlab R2016aWindows ECC , ITP , RTH 105, RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
Microsoft Journal ViewerWindows  myDesktop
Microsoft Journal Viewer (Gandhi) Windows  myDesktop
Microsoft Office SuiteWindows DRB 146, DRB 351, ECC , GER 309, ITP , PCE 312, RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
Microsoft Project 2016Windows ECC , ITP , RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit)Windows DRB 351 
Microsoft Visio Professional 2016Windows ECC myDesktop
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Windows DRB 351 
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 CommunityWindowsXECC , ITP myDesktop
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012Windows DRB 351 
Minitab 17Windows ECC , GER 309myDesktop
ModelSim XE IIIWindows RTH 109, RTH 115 
Mongo ClientWindows  myDesktop
MSC Software FEA BundleWindowsContact course instructor  
MSC Software MD Motion BundleWindowsContact course instructor  
Multisim 9Windows DRB 351myDesktop
MySQL WorkbenchWindows ITP myDesktop
National Instruments Labview 2014Windows DRB 351 
National Instruments Labview 2015Windows DRB 351 
Nero SuiteWindows DRB 351 
Netbeans IDEWindows RTH 109 
NICI (shared) US/Worldwide 2.6.4-7Windows DRB 351 
NukeWindowsMac ITP  
Oracle VirtualboxWindowsxECC  
PHP StormWindows ITP myDesktop
Primavera P8.x (VM)WindowsContact course instructorECC , RTH 109myDesktop
ProModel Process SimulatorWindows GER 309 
ProTime Lean Management SystemWindows GER 309 
PSpice Student 9.1Windows DRB 351 
PuttyWindowsXDRB 351, GER 309, ITP , RTH 109, RTH 115myDesktop
PycharmWindowsMac ITP myDesktop
Pydev (Plugin for Eclipse)WindowsMac ITP  
PythonWindows DRB 351, ITP myDesktop
QuestasimWindows  myDesktop
RWindows ITP myDesktop
RoboblitzWindows OHE 540 
SAPWindows ITP myDesktop
SAP 2000Windows ECC  
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 2.3 Windows  myDesktop
SAP Crystal Reports 2016Windows  myDesktop
SAP Design Studio 1.6 Windows  myDesktop
SAP GUI 7.4Windows ITP myDesktop
SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5Windows  myDesktop
SAS Education Analytic Suite 9.4Windows  myDesktop
SAS with Enterprise Guide Windows ECC  
Seagate Crystal Reports for ESRJWindows GER 309 
Siemens NX 11Windows ECC myDesktop
SimSci Pro/IIWindows SAL 125myDesktop
SketchUp 2015Windows DRB 351 
SkypeWindows ITP  
SolibriWindows RTH 109 
Solidworks 2016Windows ECC , GER 309myDesktop
SQL Server Management StudioWindows ITP  
STAR-CCM+ 11.04.010WindowsContact course instructor myDesktop
StarBoard Version 9.5Windows DRB 351 
STK 10Windows ECC , RTH 115 
Sublime 3Windows  myDesktop
Synopsys TetraMAXLinux  Viterbi SCF
Teradata SQL AssistantWindows ITP myDesktop
TextWranglerMac ITP  
Trafficware Synchro Light + SimTrafficWindows RTH 109 
uartAssistantWindows ECC  
Unity 3DWindowsMac ITP  
Unreal 4 Source Code PackageWindows KAP 107, KAP 267 
Unreal Engine 4Windows OHE 540, OHE 542 
Unreal UDKWindows ITP  
USB Tablet ManagerWindows DRB 351 
Visual AssistWindows KAP 107, KAP 267, OHE 540 
Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Windows  myDesktop
VMWare Workstation 10WindowsXOHE 406 
VNC ViewerWindowsxECC  
WinEstimatorWindows ECC , RTH 109, RTH 115 
WinPcapWindows RTH 109, RTH 115 
WiresharkWindows RTH 115 
Wolfram Mathematica 10WindowsXECC myDesktop
XcodeMac KAP 160, OHE 540, OHE 542, SAL 125 
Xilinx Design Tools ISE Design SuiteWindowsContact course instructorECC myDesktop
XWin32WindowsXDRB 351, ECC , GER 309, RTH 109, RTH 115