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Faculty/Research Websites

Faculty/Research Websites

Currently the Viterbi School does not offer website hosting for faculty/research websites.   We do offer a Content Management System (CMS) that you may use to manage your website though.  Below is a partial listing of choices for hosting and webservices within the University.  You can use the Viterbi CMS with any of the hosting options listed below.  We recommend utilizing the USC Resources to host your website.


Steps to follow to launch your website:

Research Lab/Group Website:

  1. Decide if you want to use the Viterbi Content Management System to manage your website.  If you do please contact Jason Dziegielewski (dziegiel@usc.edu) If you do not then continue to step 2.
  2. Request an account/directory on CWIS for your group, you do this by contacting your departments authorized signer (usually the department business manager) For more information http://itservices.usc.edu/web/
  3. Decide if you want a short URL, if you do discuss this with your departmental signer too - click here for information and pricing
  4. Create your website design, keeping in mind the USC Graphic Identity Guidelines and the Viterbi School of Engineering Identity Guidelines and populate the site with your content.  You may want to contact your department for best practices and/or any guidelines they may have for you.


Useful Links

USC Resources:

  • Web Publishing at USC Overview
  • Department or Organization Webpages - These accounts enable web publishing for academic, research, administrative and service units, university-affiliated faculty/staff organizations and professional organizations with a USC web site maintainer (this is a CWIS account)
  • For personal pages you can host them on your RCF account


  • Check with your department to see if they have a policy/location.  Some departments add faculty sites to their main department sites.  Some research groups/units do the same.
  • Host your own on your research server (not recommended, but done by many).  You are on your own if you go this route, we do not support webservers.  You may use the CMS to manage your content though if you have an FTP server running on your webserver. 

Viterbi Resources:


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I get a "friendly" URL for my Research Group Website?  Such as http://mylab.usc.edu
    A:  If you are using CWIS to host your website you can pay a one time fee of $50 and request a Virtual Host be set up.  For information click here  If you are not using CWIS and hosting your own, then your machine/host name needs to be registered with the name you want. 
  • Are there templates I can use for my site design?
    A: If you are using the Viterbi CMS we have several templates to choose from.  These templates are fully customizable by the site administrator.  If you are not using the CMS we currently do not provide any templates or design support.