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In addition to a Masters of Science degree, Graduate Certificates in Systems Architecting and Engineering, Network Centric Systems and Software Architecting are also available. A PhD program in Systems Architecting and Engineering is still in the planning stages.

Masters of Science  in Systems Architecting and Engineering
This program is recommended to graduate engineers and engineering managers responsible for the conception and implementation of complex systems. Emphasis is on the creative process by which these systems are conceived, planned, designed, built, tested, certified, used and retired. [learn more] 

Download the study plan here.

Graduate Certificate in Systems Architecting and Engineering
The Graduate Certificate in Systems Architecting and Engineering is designed for practicing engineers engaged in the creation and design of complex innovative systems in aerospace and other commercial fields. It is also an excellent choice for engineers who want to "brush up" on the latest technologies and theories. [learn more]

Download the study plan here.

Graduate Certificate in Network Centric Systems
Network centric systems have evolved from the need to design increasingly complex systems that often require addressing emergent behavior. This graduate certificate was designed in response to industry demand for their practicing engineers.  It provides them with the understanding and skills required to create and design complex innovative network centric systems in the aerospace and commercial fields. [Learn More]

Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture 
The program exposes students to the concepts, principles, and state-of-the-art methods in software architectures; introduces principles and approaches for modeling systems using SysML; applies software engineering process models and management approaches for design and architecture of large software systems; and guides the architect through every phase of the conception, implementation, deployment, and finally systems retirement. [Learn More]