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Events for February 23, 2022

  • ECE Seminar: Human/System Co-design to Protect Data Privacy

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: Haojian Jin, PhD Candidate, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

    Talk Title: Human/System Co-design to Protect Data Privacy

    Abstract: Privacy is changing how we build computing systems. Recent regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation, California Consumer Privacy Act, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, require developers to offer greater privacy protections. However, developers struggle to turn these high-level privacy principles into low-level code implementation.

    The primary cause of this difficulty is that privacy is a multi-stakeholder issue: developers want to achieve more functionality and productivity; users want more control with lower effort; regulators wish to audit systems with limited resources and do not want to stifle innovation; finally, system deployments need to remain proprietary and efficient.

    In this talk, I will present two systems to illustrate that these Human/System requirements can jointly inform system design up-front and not be afterthoughts. I will describe (1) applying human/system co-design for data minimization, a foundational privacy principle in modern privacy regulation, and (2) how user and other stakeholder experience is transformed in co-designed systems. I will conclude with plans to create a virtuous cycle ecosystem where building trustworthy systems is rewarded, and developers compete to guarantee greater user protection, not less.

    Biography: Haojian Jin is a final-year Ph.D. candidate in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Jason Hong and Swarun Kumar. His research lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, privacy, and mobile systems. His work has been recognized with a UbiComp Gaetano Borriello Outstanding Student Award, Research Highlights at Communications of the ACM and GetMobile, and best paper awards at Ubicomp and ACM Computing Reviews. See more at: http://haojianj.in/.

    Host: Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari, bkrishna@usc.edu

    Webcast: https://usc.zoom.us/j/92527250101?pwd=dlQ1YzV1enJTYnRaQmFBbFpnZS9ZQT09

    Location: Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) - 248

    WebCast Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/92527250101?pwd=dlQ1YzV1enJTYnRaQmFBbFpnZS9ZQT09

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Mayumi Thrasher

  • CANstruction

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

    Viterbi School of Engineering Student Organizations

    Student Activity

    Engineers Week is hosting a canned food drive called CANstruction on February 23rd from 10 am to 4pm at the RTH Lobby, where we'll be accepting canned goods to donate to LA Food Bank and Trojan Shelter @trojanshelter. Donate a can to get Viterbi swag and more!

    Location: Ronald Tutor Hall of Engineering (RTH) - Lobby

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Viterbi Undergraduate Programs

  • Computer Science General Faculty Meeting

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

    Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science

    Receptions & Special Events

    Bi-Weekly regular faculty meeting for invited full-time Computer Science faculty only. Event details emailed directly to attendees.

    Location: TBD

    Audiences: Invited Faculty Only

    Contact: Assistant to CS chair

  • Networking: Building & Maintaining Professional Connections Workshop (ON-CAMPUS)

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 01:00 PM - 01:30 PM

    Viterbi School of Engineering Career Connections

    Workshops & Infosessions


    Increase your career and internship knowledge on networking by attending this professional development Q&A moderated by Viterbi Career Connections staff.

    For more information about workshops, please visit viterbicareers.usc.edu/workshops.

    Attendance is limited to room capacity

    Location: Ronald Tutor Hall of Engineering (RTH) - 211

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: RTH 218 Viterbi Career Connections

  • Center of Autonomy and AI, Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things, and Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: Gaurav Gupta, Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI lab

    Talk Title: Operator Learning for Partial Differential Equations

    Series: Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things

    Abstract: The partial differential equations (PDEs) model several real-world setups of Physics, Engineering, biology, Epidemiology. The solution can be formulated as an operator map problem. We show that learning the operator kernels can be efficiently performed by exploiting the fundamental properties. We will discuss a novel multiwavelets-based neural operator approach to achieve a compressed representation and show applications on several benchmarks PDE datasets. Next, we also discuss a class of PDEs called 'Initial Value Problems,' which has applications in predictions and forecasting. We develop a compact non-linear neural operator which maps initial conditions to activities at a later time. The proposed approach yields data efficiency which is necessary to deal with scarce real-world datasets, and as a case study we formulate and solve urgent real-world problems like Epidemic forecasting (e.g., COVID19).

    Biography: Gaurav Gupta is currently a researcher (Applied Scientist) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI labs. He completed his PhD from USC Viterbi. His research interests span the domain of time-series modeling, learning partial differential equations, information theory for machine learning, fractional dynamical models, complex networks, brain EEG signals modeling. He is working on inter-disciplinary mathematical and applied problems on forecasting, PDEs, and has publications in top venues like Neurips, ICLR, Nature, IEEE Control Society, ACM cyber-physical society.

    Host: Pierluigi Nuzzo, nuzzo@usc.edu

    Webcast: https://usc.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zyIBh_1gQLmKpMJG0GyLxw

    Location: Online

    WebCast Link: https://usc.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zyIBh_1gQLmKpMJG0GyLxw

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Talyia White

  • AME Seminar

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM

    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: James Hanna, UN Reno

    Talk Title: Exterior algebra and the proportional selective modification of dynamical systems, from rotors to nonlinear lattices

    Abstract: This is the story of a seemingly trivial problem, born of quarantine, that surprised me by turning into something more interesting. I will introduce a new technique for adding dissipation or otherwise modifying dynamical systems to selectively change any number of conserved quantities, while only reducing the total number of conserved quantities by one. I will first present a naive approach to a simple example, a textbook problem of a specially damped rotor often used to explain the failure of the Explorer 1 satellite. Then (in joint work with M. Aureli), we generalize the approach to any number of dimensions and conserved quantities. The resulting dynamics drives the modified system to a nontrivial state of the original system.

    Biography: Hanna is Associate Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, which he joined in 2019 as a refugee fleeing the great purge of unapologetic mechanicians from Virginia Tech. A lapsed materials scientist, he spent several years impersonating a postdoctoral physicist at UMass Amherst, and currently performs mechanics without a license. He is interested in applications of geometry to theoretical and experimental classical mechanics, and is currently thinking about shell buckling, cable snapping, pseudomomentum and material symmetry, new formulations of elasticity, and a few other things.

    Host: AME Department

    More Info: https://usc.zoom.us/j/93987337017?pwd=MWd2dXBSL1FaR1RPaHNscjJ1NW80UT09

    Webcast: https://usc.zoom.us/j/93987337017?pwd=MWd2dXBSL1FaR1RPaHNscjJ1NW80UT09

    Location: James H. Zumberge Hall Of Science (ZHS) - 252

    WebCast Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/93987337017?pwd=MWd2dXBSL1FaR1RPaHNscjJ1NW80UT09

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Tessa Yao

    Event Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/93987337017?pwd=MWd2dXBSL1FaR1RPaHNscjJ1NW80UT09

  • A Study Break w/ Tesla: Weekly Series

    Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 06:00 PM - 06:45 PM

    Viterbi School of Engineering Career Connections

    Workshops & Infosessions

    A Study Break w/ Tesla is a series of professional workshops presented by the Hardware + Cell Engineering Internship Recruiting Team that will be offered on Wednesday evenings from February through April, 6:00 pm -6:45 pm.

    Each event will offer a 25-minute presentation on a specific topic, followed by a 20-minute opportunity for participants to ask questions and network with the Tesla team.

    Event: Accelerating in the Technical Interview | February 23 - RSVP in Gateway

    This session will provide insight and tips on the interview process, from general networking conversations through the technical interview.

    External employer-hosted events and activities are not affiliated with the USC Career Center. They are posted on Viterbi Career Connections because they may be of interest to members of the Viterbi community. Inclusion of any activity does not indicate USC sponsorship or endorsement of that activity or event. It is the participant's responsibility to apply due diligence, exercise caution when participating, and report concerns to vcareers@usc.edu

    Location: Virtual

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: RTH 218 Viterbi Career Connections