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Events for May 03, 2024

  • Repeating EventAircraft Accident Investigation AAI 24-4

    Fri, May 03, 2024 @ 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

    Aviation Safety and Security Program

    University Calendar

    The course is designed for individuals who have limited investigation experience. All aspects of the investigation process are addressed, starting with preparation for the investigation through writing the final report. It covers National Transportation Safety Board and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) procedures. Investigative techniques are examined with an emphasis on fixed-wing investigation. Data collection, wreckage reconstruction, and cause analysis are discussed in the classroom and applied in the lab.
    The USC Aircraft Accident Investigation lab serves as the location for practical exercises. Thirteen aircraft wreckages form the basis of these investigative exercises. The crash laboratory gives the student an opportunity to learn the observation and documentation skills required of accident investigators. The wreckage is examined and reviewed with investigators who have extensive actual real-world investigation experience. Examination techniques and methods are demonstrated along with participative group discussions of actual wreckage examination, reviews of witness interview information, and investigation group personal dynamics discussions.


    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

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    Contact: Daniel Scalese

    Event Link: https://avsafe.usc.edu/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=24AAAI4

  • Safety Management for Aviation Maintenance MAINT 24-2

    Fri, May 03, 2024 @ 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Aviation Safety and Security Program

    University Calendar

    This course provides supervisors with aviation safety principles and practices needed to manage the problems associated with aircraft maintenance operations. In addition, it prepares attendees to assume safety responsibilities in their areas of operation. It does not teach aircraft maintenance and assumes the attendee has a maintenance background.

    Location: Century Boulevard Building (CBB) - 920

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Daniel Scalese

    Event Link: https://avsafe.usc.edu/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=24AMAINT2

  • PhD Defense- Julie Jiang

    Fri, May 03, 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science

    Student Activity

    PhD Defense- Julie Jiang
    Title:  Socially-informed content analysis of online human behavior
    Committee: Emilio Ferrara (CS and Communication, tenure, chair), Kristina Lerman (CS), Marlon Twyman II (Communication, external), Pablo Barberá (Poli Sci)

    Abstract: The explosive growth of social media has not only revolutionized communication but also brought challenges such as political polarization, misinformation, hate speech, and echo chambers. This dissertation employs computational social science techniques to investigate these issues, understand the social dynamics driving negative online behaviors, and propose data-driven solutions for healthier digital interactions. I begin by introducing a scalable social network representation learning method that integrates user-generated content with social connections to create unified user embeddings, enabling accurate prediction and visualization of user attributes, communities, and behavioral propensities. Using this tool, I explore three interrelated problems: 1) COVID-19 discourse on Twitter, revealing polarization and asymmetric political echo chambers; 2) online hate speech, suggesting the pursuit of social approval motivates toxic behavior; and 3) moral underpinnings of COVID-19 discussions, uncovering patterns of moral homophily and echo chambers, while also indicating moral diversity and plurality can improve message reach and acceptance across ideological divides. These findings contribute to the advancement of computational social science and provide a foundation for understanding human behavior through the lens of social interactions and network homophily.

    Location: Grace Ford Salvatori Hall Of Letters, Arts & Sciences (GFS) - 104

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Julie Jiang

    Event Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/5152754393?pwd=V1pzUnpEc0JtTVZlS0l5R1VMRWlRdz09&omn=91709345144

  • AI Seminar- Understanding LLMs through their Generative Behavior, Successes and Shortcomings

    Fri, May 03, 2024 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Information Sciences Institute

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: Swabha Swayamdipta, USC

    Talk Title: Understanding LLMs through their Generative Behavior, Successes and Shortcomings

    Series: AI Seminar

    Abstract: Abstract: Generative capabilities of large language models have grown beyond the wildest imagination of the broader AI research community, leading many to speculate whether these successes may be attributed to the training data or model design. I will present some work from my group which sheds light on understanding LLMs by studying their generative behavior, successes and shortcomings. First, I will show that standard inference algorithms work well because of the particular design behind LLMs. Next, I will discuss recently found successes and failures of LLMs on a combination of tasks, requiring world and domain-specific knowledge, linguistic capabilities and awareness of human and social utility. Overall, these findings paint a partial yet complex picture of our understanding of LLMs and provide a guide to the next steps forward.
    This event will be recorded.
    It will be posted on our USC/ISI YouTube page within 1-2 business days: https://www.youtube.com/user/USCISI.

    Biography: Swabha Swayamdipta is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and a Gabilan Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California. Her research interests are in natural language processing and machine learning, with a primary interest in the estimation of dataset quality, understanding and evaluation of generative models of language, and using language technologies to understand social behavior. At USC, Swabha leads the Data, Interpretability, Language and Learning (DILL) Lab. She received her PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, followed by a postdoc at the Allen Institute for AI. Her work has received outstanding paper awards at ICML 2022, NeurIPS 2021 and an honorable mention for the best paper at ACL 2020. Her research is supported by awards from the Allen Institute for AI and Intel Labs.

    Host: Jay Pujara and Karen Lake

    More Info: https://www.isi.edu/events/4684/ai-seminar-understanding-llms-through-their-generative-behavior-successes-and-shortcomings/

    Webcast: https://usc.zoom.us/j/95888595423?pwd=VHBLa041dUJWcWx0NEhuYmQrV29ZQT09

    Location: Information Science Institute (ISI) - Conf Rm#1135-37

    WebCast Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/95888595423?pwd=VHBLa041dUJWcWx0NEhuYmQrV29ZQT09

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Pete Zamar

    Event Link: https://www.isi.edu/events/4684/ai-seminar-understanding-llms-through-their-generative-behavior-successes-and-shortcomings/