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Events for November 05, 2018

  • Repeating EventMeet USC: Admission Presentation, Campus Tour, and Engineering Talk

    Mon, Nov 05, 2018

    Viterbi School of Engineering Undergraduate Admission

    University Calendar

    This half day program is designed for prospective freshmen (HS seniors and younger) and family members. Meet USC includes an information session on the University and the Admission process, a student led walking tour of campus, and a meeting with us in the Viterbi School. During the engineering session we will discuss the curriculum, research opportunities, hands-on projects, entrepreneurial support programs, and other aspects of the engineering school. Meet USC is designed to answer all of your questions about USC, the application process, and financial aid.

    Reservations are required for Meet USC. This program occurs twice, once at 8:30 a.m. and again at 12:30 p.m.

    Please make sure to check availability and register online for the session you wish to attend. Also, remember to list an Engineering major as your "intended major" on the webform!


    Location: Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC) - USC Admission Office

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

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    Contact: Rebecca Kinnon

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  • Seminars in Biomedical Engineering

    Mon, Nov 05, 2018 @ 12:30 PM - 01:50 PM

    Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: Robert Wodnicki, USC Biomedical Engineering, PhD Student

    Talk Title: IC design for Ultrasound

    Host: Qifa Zhou

    Location: Olin Hall of Engineering (OHE) - 122

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Mischalgrace Diasanta

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  • Fall 2018 Joint CSC@USC/CommNetS-MHI Seminar Series

    Mon, Nov 05, 2018 @ 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Conferences, Lectures, & Seminars

    Speaker: Sonja Glavaski, ARPA-E

    Talk Title: Building Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient Grid by Controlling the Edge

    Abstract: The evolution of the electricity grid faces significant challenges if it is to integrate and accept more energy from renewable generation and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). To maintain grid's reliability and turn intermittent power sources into major contributors to the U.S. energy mix, we have to think about the grid differently and design it to be smarter and more flexible. ARPA-E is interested in disruptive technologies that enable increased integration of DERs by real-time adaptation while maintaining grid reliability and reducing cost for customers with smart technologies. This talk will identify opportunities in developing next generation control technologies and grid operation paradigms that address these challenges and enable efficient, sustainable and reliable transmission and distribution of electrical power. Summary of ARPA-E NODES (Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems) Program funding development of these technologies will be presented. Innovative approaches to coordinated management of bulk generation, DERs, flexible loads, and storage assets with multiple roles, and revenue streams will be discussed.

    Biography: Dr. Sonja Glavaski is a Program Director at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) overseeing diverse project portfolio developing innovative and disruptive technologies that would facilitate cost-effective building energy audits, more efficient power generation, electrification of transportation, and enable electricity grid to be more flexible and resilient. Her technical focus area is data analytics, and distributed control of complex, cyber-physical systems with emphasis on operations and security of energy systems. Dr. Sonja Glavaski worked on establishment of several grid modernization and transportation focused ARPA-E programs. She spearheaded development and is currently helming ARPA-E NODES Program that aims to develop transformational grid management and control methods to create a virtual energy storage system based on use of flexible loads and distributed energy resources (DERs). Prior to joining ARPA-E, Dr. Glavaski served as a Control Systems Group Leader at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), where she led a team of multi-disciplinary scientists working on developing game changing technologies for energy efficient building HVAC/R systems, wind turbines, fuel cells and flow batteries. It was at UTRC that she recognized the need to develop more systematic ways to integrate and operate all of these technologies with the electricity grid. Before being at UTRC, Dr. Glavaski led key programs at Eaton Innovation Center and Honeywell Labs. During her 20-plus-year career, Dr. Glavaski has contributed significantly to technical advancements in numerous product areas, including energy systems, vehicles and aircraft systems. Dr. Glavaski received PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology, and Dipl. Ing and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade.

    Host: Mihailo Jovanovic, mihailo@usc.edu

    More Info: http://csc.usc.edu/seminars/2018Fall/glavaski.html

    More Information: 18.11.05_Glavaski_ARPA-E Seminar.pdf

    Location: Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) - 132

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Brienne Moore

    Event Link: http://csc.usc.edu/seminars/2018Fall/glavaski.html

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  • Cryptoeconomics, Tokenomics, and the Economics of Blockchain

    Mon, Nov 05, 2018 @ 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Workshops & Infosessions

    Course Sessions & Times:
    Session 1: Monday, November 5 | 6pm to 8pm
    Session 2: Wednesday, November 7 | 6pm to 8pm
    Session 3: Thursday, November 8 | 6pm to 8pm

    Course Outline:
    This mini-course is a collaboration between USC Viterbi Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things & Prysm Group.
    This three-session course provides an introduction to applicable economics for engineers and computer scientists working or interested in the blockchain and distributed ledger space. This course assumes a working knowledge of blockchain technology, but not previous knowledge of economics. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to identify the major economic challenges facing blockchain projects and current solutions.

    100% of course fee will be refunded upon completion of attending all sessions.

    Please RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cryptoeconomics-tokenomics-and-the-economics-of-blockchain-mini-course-tickets-50744539283?aff=erelexpmlt

    More Information: 19.11.05_Cryptoecomics_MiniWorkshop_flyer.pdf

    Location: Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) - 132

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Brienne Moore

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