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  • PhD Defense - Fawad Ahmad

    Wed, Apr 20, 2022 @ 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science

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    PhD Candidate: Fawad Ahmad

    Date: April 20th, 2022

    Time: 8 - 10 AM

    Title: Towards Building a Live 3D Digital Twin of the World

    Committee: Prof. Ramesh Govindan (chair), Prof. Konstantinos Psounis, Prof. Barath Raghavan, Prof. Muhammad Naveed

    Zoom Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/97896459075?pwd=dFJZd1N1aHUyUnlOMkFEQk56VW5zUT09


    A live digital twin is a high-fidelity 3D representation of a physical object or scene. This digital representation continuously replicates the physical scene in near real-time. In my dissertation, I build systems that extract and leverage live digital twins of large outdoor areas. A live digital twin creates unprecedented capabilities for both computer and human consumption. It has the potential to improve safety and efficiency for autonomous driving, monitor on-going construction, and enable timely disaster relief operations etc. For humans, it means the possibility of digitally transporting to any place on the globe to live, interact and experience it in 3D like never before.

    These capabilities have strict performance and accuracy requirements. Achieving these requirements is not possible today for two reasons: limited wireless bandwidths, and limited on-board compute resources. To this end, my dissertation makes two contributions as follows. First, it builds re-usable perception infrastructure to extract live 3D digital twins with low latency and high accuracy. Second, it builds end-to-end cyber-physical systems that leverage live digital twins to enable some of the capabilities mentioned above. Evaluations show that we can extract twins of large physical areas within less than one second with centimeter level accuracy. Moreover, the cyber-physical systems we build which leverage these twins enable safer and more efficient autonomous driving.

    WebCast Link: https://usc.zoom.us/j/97896459075?pwd=dFJZd1N1aHUyUnlOMkFEQk56VW5zUT09

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Lizsl De Leon


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