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  • Medical Imaging Seminar: Louai Al-Dayeh, PhD - Practical Aspects of MRI Safety Test Methods of Active Implants

    Fri, Jan 19, 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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    Since the first successful MRI safety labeling of an implanted Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system approximately 20 years ago, active implantable medical device (AIMD) manufacturers have come a long way in designing their implants with MR safety in mind and in assessing what conditions of MR scanning (e.g., limits of RF and/or gradient) can allow MR imaging without compromising patient safety. MR Conditional implants undergo a wide range of well-developed test methods before receiving FDA approval under the specified conditions of use. These test methods include exposure in realistic MR imaging scanning environments, benchtop injection testing, and development of appropriate risk assessments though physical experiments and modeling. The seminar is an overview of the Practical Aspects of all MRI Safety Test Methods of active implants. 

    More Information: Louai Aldayeh_MHI-MISS.pdf

    Location: Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) - 132

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Mary Yung


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