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  • Revolutionizing Digital Infrastructure: The Beckn Protocol and the Era of Digital Public Goods

    Fri, Apr 12, 2024 @ 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    USC Viterbi School of Engineering

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    Speaker: Sujith Nair, CEO & Co-Founder, FIDE

    Talk Title: Revolutionizing Digital Infrastructure: The Beckn Protocol and the Era of Digital Public Goods

    Series: USC Viterbi Speaker Event

    Abstract: The digital age has brought about unprecedented opportunities for innovation and connectivity, transforming the way societies function and interact. In this landscape, the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Digital Public Goods (DPG) concept has emerged as a crucial framework for leveraging technology to address societal challenges and empower communities.
    This talk explores the groundbreaking potential of DPI and DPG and highlights the pivotal role played by the Beckn Protocol in catalyzing a new wave of innovation in this domain. The Beckn Protocol, an open protocol for decentralized service marketplaces, is reshaping traditional approaches to public infrastructure by fostering collaboration, interoperability, and accessibility.
    By enabling seamless interaction between service providers and consumers, the Beckn Protocol facilitates the creation of vibrant digital ecosystems that empower individuals and communities to access essential services efficiently and affordably. Moreover, its decentralized architecture ensures transparency, security, and resilience, laying the foundation for a more equitable and inclusive digital economy.
    Through real-world examples and case studies, this talk will illustrate how the Beckn Protocol is driving transformative change across various sectors, including transportation, healthcare, education, and commerce. From enabling decentralized ride-sharing platforms to facilitating seamless access to healthcare services, the Beckn Protocol exemplifies the potential of DPI and DPG to address pressing societal needs and foster sustainable development.
    Furthermore, the talk will delve into the broader implications of the Beckn Protocol's approach, exploring how it aligns with principles of open innovation, data sovereignty, and digital rights. By promoting collaboration and co-creation, the Beckn Protocol embodies a paradigm shift towards a more participatory and democratic model of governance, where individuals and communities are empowered to shape the digital infrastructure that underpins their daily lives.
    In conclusion, this talk will highlight the transformative potential of the Beckn Protocol and its role in catalyzing a new era of Digital Public Infrastructure and Digital Public Goods. By embracing openness, collaboration, and inclusivity, the Beckn Protocol offers a compelling vision for harnessing the power of technology to build a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

    Biography: Sujith Nair is the CEO and Co-founder of FIDE – Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy. This not-for-profit organisation is the genesis author and angel donor to an open-source initiative called the Beckn Protocol. Beckn enables the creation of decentralised digital economy ecosystems.  Co-founded along with Nandan Nilekani and Dr Pramod Varma,  FIDE has been helping Beckn Protocol evolve as an independent and large-scale open-source community effort focusing on its adoption and sustenance as a digital public good.
    Sujith conceptualised and helped set up the world’s first decentralised open mobility network using the Beckn Protocol in Kochi called the Kochi Open Mobility Network (KOMN), which was launched in July 2021. Sujith co-conceptualised the idea of ONDC and onboarded the first set of market participants on ONDC, co-authored the ONDC Strategy Pape, and was instrumental in the setup of ONDC Ltd in Dec 2021.
    Sujith continues volunteering for KOMN, ONDC, and other open network initiatives and is a global advocate for interoperable and decentralized digital ecosystems. Before FIDE, Sujith headed Management Consulting practices and Internet businesses in urban mobility and digital payments.  Sujith has contributed to many key interventions in the Aadhaar program between 2010-2012. Sujith also designed India’s national transit open payments interoperability (One Nation, One Card) in 2014 to integrate ticketing and payments across public transport systems in the country.

    Host: Vice Dean Cauligi Raghavendra

    More Information: beckn_flyer 4.12.24 EEB 248 2pm.pdf

    Location: Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center (EEB) - 248

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Raymond USC Viterbi

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