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    Fri, Dec 16, 2016 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Information Sciences Institute

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    Speaker: Mason Porter, UCLA

    Talk Title: Multilayer Networks

    Series: AI Seminar

    Abstract: Networks arise pervasively in biology, physics, technology, social science, and myriad other areas. Traditionally, a network is modeled as a graph and consists of a time-independent collection of entities (the nodes) that interact with each other via a single type of edge. However, most networks include multiple types of connections (which could represent, for example, different modes of transportation), multiple subsystems, and nodes and/or edges that change in time. The study of "multilayer networks", which is perhaps the most popular area of
    network science, allows one to investigate networks with such complexities. In this talk, I'll give an introduction to multilayer networks and their applications.

    Biography: Mason Porter earned a B.S. in applied mathematics from Caltech in 1998 and a Ph.D. from the Center for Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in 2002. He was a postdoc at Georgia Tech (math), Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, and Caltech (physics) before joining the faculty of the Mathematical Institute at University of Oxford in 2007. He was named Professor of Nonlinear and Complex Systems in 2014. A few months ago, he took up a position as Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. Porter is known for the diversity and interdisciplinarity of his research (and for his sharp wit). In networks and complex systems, Porter has contributed to myriad topics, including community structure in networks, core--periphery structure, social contagions, political networks, granular force networks, multilayer networks, temporal networks, and navigation in transportation systems. Other subjects he has studied include granular crystals, Bose--Einstein condensates, nonlinear optics, numerical evaluation of hypergeometric functions, quantum chaos, and synchronization of cows. Porter's awards include the 2014 Erd\H{o}s--R\'{e}nyi Prize in network science, a Whitehead Prize (London Mathematical Society) in 2015, the Young Scientist Award for Socio- and Econophysics (German Physical Society) in 2016, and teaching awards from University of Oxford in recognition of his lecturing and student mentorship. Porter was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society in October 2016.

    Host: Emilio Ferrara

    Webcast: http://webcastermshd.isi.edu/Mediasite/Play/ef4957a6864d4e1db06e15cba71b9b021d

    Location: Information Science Institute (ISI) - 1135 - 11th fl Large CR

    WebCast Link: http://webcastermshd.isi.edu/Mediasite/Play/ef4957a6864d4e1db06e15cba71b9b021d

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Alma Nava / Information Sciences Institute

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