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Muhao Chen

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Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science


  • 2019, Doctoral Degree, Computer Science, University of California - Los Angeles
  • 2014, Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science, Fudan University


I am an Assistant Research Professor at the USC Department of Computer Science. My research focuses on data-driven machine learning approaches for processing structured data, and knowledge acquisition from unstructured data. Particularly, I am interested in developing knowledge-aware learning systems with generalizability and requiring minimal supervision, and with concrete applications to natural language understanding, knowledge base construction, computational biology and medicine. Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow with Dan Roth at UPenn. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from UCLA in 2019, where I worked with Carlo Zaniolo, Kai-Wei Chang and Wei Wang. Before joining UCLA as a Ph.D. student, I graduated with a Bachelor degree from Fudan University in 2014 where I worked with X. Sean Wang (who is a USC alum).

Research Summary

I direct the Language Understanding and Knolwedge Acquisition (LUKA) Lab. Our research focuses on data-driven machine learning approaches for Natural Language Processing (information extraction, knowledge acquisition, natural language inference, grounding), Knowledge Technologies (knowledge transfer, consolidation, structured inference, commonsense inference), and AI for the common good (applications to biology, medicine, healthcare). Our long-term goal is to develop robust, generalizable and minimally supervised knowledge-aware learning systems that help machines understand nature. A list of recent research topics can be found on our group website at here: https://luka-group.github.io/research.html


  • 2022 Cisco Faculty Research Award
  • 2022 Amazon Research Award
  • 2021 NSF CRII Award
  • 2020 ACM SIGBio Best Student Paper Award
  • 2019 UCLA Dissertation Fellowship
  • Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science
  • Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science

  • 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001 Bldg. #616 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Contact Information
  • muhaoche@usc.edu


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