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Stephen Burke Cronin

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Professor of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics and Chemistry


  • 2002, PhD, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 1996, Bachelors, NYU


Ph.D. in Physics, 2002, MIT, Cambridge, MA .

Prof. Cronin received his Ph.D in physics at MIT in 2002, after working in Professor Mildred Dresselhaus' research group measuring the transport properties of nanowires and quantum well structures. He subsequently conducted his post-doctoral research measuring single molecule optical spectroscopy and electron transport of individual carbon nanotubes at Harvard University with Professor Michael Tinkham.

Research Summary

Prof. Cronin's research includes optical spectroscopy and electron transport of individual carbon nanotubes and graphene, as well as plasmon resonant enhancement of catalytic processes for solar fuel production.


  • 1994 New York University Sigma Pi Sigma Book Prize,
  • 1995 New York University Grainger Brown Physics Award
  • 1995 New York University Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society
  • 2006 USC James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Award
  • 2006 Powell Foundation Powell Foundation Research Award
  • 2007 USC Stevens Institute for Innovation USC Stevens Curriculum Innovation Award
  • 2007 Air Force AFOSR Young Investigator Award
  • 2009 National Science Foundation NSF CAREER Award
  • 2010 Univeristy of Southern California USC Viterbi School of Engineering Junior Faculty Research Award
  • Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering - Electrophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and Astronomy

  • PHE 624
  • Charles Lee Powell Hall
  • 3737 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • USC Mail Code: 271

Contact Information
  • (213) 740-8787
  • scronin@usc.edu


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