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Scott John Easley

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Senior Lecturer of Computer Science


  • 2016, Master's Degree, Screenwriting in Television and Movies, University of Southern California
  • Bachelor's Degree, English, University of California - Santa Barbara


Scott Easley is the Associate Director for the Gamepipe Labs at USC. He has won two Emmys, a Telly and an Annie for his computer animation work and writing. He is a fellow of ATAS (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). He has also spoken internationally several times at the Imagina CG Conference in Monaco, the CG Conference in London, the 3D Festival in Copenhagen, and at GDC (Game Developers Conference).

Scott's career spans 20 years in the video game business: He comes from Heavy Iron Studios, where he was Animation Production Manager. He supervised animation teams for Incredibles 2, Ratatouille, Destroy All Humans and the Wall-e video games. Previous to THQ, Scott was Senior Animator for Electronic Arts Medal of Honor, one of the first 8 people to form the company Oddworld Inhabitants, and Lead Animator for Sony Imagesoft.

Scott also holds a gold medal from sparring at the Plum Blossom Festival Kung-Fu Tournament, and he has climbed Mount Fuji.

Research Summary

Visual Simulation, interactive media, edutainment and aiding disabilities with video games. The main focus of my work is how visual media prepares, instructs, changes or fulfills our need for social interaction and entertainment. A primary need for this is an efficient system for delivering a constant array of new models, textures, and data into a large pipeline that is malleable throughout several production cycles.


  • 2007 ASIFA-Hollywood Annie
  • 2002 Dreamcatcher Film Festival Winner, Best Drama
  • 2001 Thunderbird In’tl Film Festival Winner, Best Short
  • 1994 The Telly Awards Telly
  • 1993 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy
  • 1993 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy
  • Computer Science

  • EGG 207
  • EGG Company II
  • 746 West Adams, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • USC Mail Code: 781

Contact Information
  • (213) 743-1517
  • seasley@usc.edu


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