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Jayakanth Ravichandran

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Jayakanth Ravichandran is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He received his B.Tech and M.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2007. He obtained his PhD from University of California, Berkeley in 2011, and subsequently held post-doctoral positions at Columbia University and Harvard University. His research interests include thin film science and technology of complex oxides and chalcogenides and transport processes such as electrical, thermal, electrochemical transport in complex materials. Dr. Ravichandran has won several accolades including Institute Silver Medal (IIT Kharagpur), Link Energy Fellowship etc. The capabilities of Ravichandran's group include growth of high quality complex oxide superlattices, and heterostructures, and thermoelectric, and thermal transport measurements in these material systems.

Research Summary

Ravichandran group focuses on synthesis, characterization, transport properties of complex materials such as oxides, chalcogenides. Typical synthesis procedure used is thin film growth using pulsed laser deposition but other bulk ceramic processing techniques are also frequently employed. The growth capabilities are accompanied with in-situ monitoring tools such as reflection high energy diffraction (RHEED). Typically, the systems of interest are heteroepitaxial in nature and frequently, consist of superlattices and other long range ordered metamaterials. Besides routine structural, chemical and spectroscopic characterizations, the group has expertise in performing electrical, thermoelectric measurements over a wide range of temperatures (2-800 K), often under the influence of magnetic field. Our research program spans the whole range from synthesis to devices with applications in energy, electronics etc. Our group has strong collaborative ties with a number of groups whose background range from basic science to engineering research.

  • Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

  • VHE 714
  • Vivian Hall of Engineering
  • 3651 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089
  • USC Mail Code: 0241

  • (213) 740-0453

  • jayakanr@usc.edu

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