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2010 In the News Archive

Behrokh Khoshnevis' Contour Crafting One of
December 02, 2010
Playboy Magazine singles out "the world's first completely automated homebuilding technology," under development at the Viterbi School's Epstein ISE Department
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November 23, 2010
The New York Times focuses on work at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies creating virtual environments and characters to help counselors' real patients
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Viterbi Professor on Team that Documents Reduced Pollution in Milan's Center City EcoPass Area
November 19, 2010
The Astani Department's Constantinos Sioutas and colleagues found a 65 percent reduction in dangerous black carbon particles, reports Italy's top paper, Corriere della Sera
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Paul Debevec cover story in UC Berkeley Engineering's Forefront magazine
November 10, 2010
Viterbi CS/ICT researcher described as "the man of a thousand faces who makes the digital look real"
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Dwell Magazine Features a 'Talking Robot Dubbed Bandit'
November 04, 2010
A story on "The Idea House: Senior Living" includes images and coverage of "socially assistive robots being developed by the Interaction Lab of the Viterbi School of Engineering"
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Elaine Chew an invited speaker at NAE Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
October 25, 2010
The Viterbi School's pianist-ISE professor gave a presentation on "De-mystifying Music and Its Performance" at the IBM Research Center in Armonk, New York
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<i>Los Angeles Times</I> reports on USC-adjacent non-profit science and discovery center
October 17, 2010
Iridescent, founded by AME's Tara Chklovski, "is staffed by volunteers, mostly USC engineering students... its biggest backer is the Navy"
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The Grand Challenge of Innovation
October 07, 2010
Dean Yannis Yortsos pens an oped article on the NAE Grand Challenges, the X-Prize and innovation.
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L.A. Business Journal Reports on Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Gift
October 07, 2010
The Fariborz Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition will encourage engineering students to create business plans and companies, and reward the best ideas.
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Mark Humayun Wins Popular Mechanics 2010 Breakthrough Award
October 05, 2010
A detailed story in the magazine explores the background of the Viterbi/Keck faculty member developing the Argus II retinal implant
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John Brooks Slaughter on Science Education
October 04, 2010
Huffington Post: "In the inner city schools of Los Angeles, I see a glimpse of the future of science and job creation in this country ... I see a series of concrete measures we can take"
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Viterbi School Expert Questions BP's Gulf Investigation
September 29, 2010
In a widely used Associated Press story, Viterbi Professor Najmedin Meshkati suggests BP's investigation of the Gulf oil spill was seriously flawed.
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BBC showcases Viterbi motion capture technology research
August 30, 2010
Shrikanth Narayanan is developing systems that might help people ranging from children with autism to couples in marriage therapy
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Ming Hsieh Electrical Engineering Professor Quoted on Time Travel in <I>Science News</I>
August 23, 2010
New theories are "a really interesting body of work," says Todd Brun but adds "I don’t expect these will be tested anytime soon. These are ideas. They’re fun to play with."
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Bercin Becerik Interviewed in <I>Construction Today</I> Magazine
August 11, 2010
In a feature entitled "Full Dimensions: Why building information modeling is taking root," the Astani Department professor discusses growing industry use of her specialty
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Naj Meshkati Among
July 14, 2010
Science reports the Viterbi School professor's appointment to a team being assembled by the NAE and the National Research Council
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James Moore in L.A. Business Journal on Streetcar Alternatives
July 13, 2010
"Before we invest a hundred million dollars in a system like this, we ought to look at easing the barriers to jitneys and taxis downtown"
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New Scientist:
July 13, 2010
A new USC oncology center directed by computer architect W. Daniel Hillis is modeling lymphoma using IT tools
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The New York Times:
July 12, 2010
A front page story features David Feil-Seifer and Maja Mataric's robot Bandit interacting with children with autism.
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Viterbi/Stanford Partnership Creates Design for Lower-Energy Optical Switches
July 09, 2010
Michelle Povinelli's method of 'shaping light pulses' could lead to faster telecommunications, Technology Review reports
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ISI Translation Expert Turns Computer Tools on Ancient Texts
June 30, 2010
Next month, Kevin Knight will present a system that deciphered Ugaritic inscriptions in just hours
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SAIC Donates $500,000 to Viterbi School
June 28, 2010
Science Applications International Corporation gift will support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) educational programs
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L.A.'s Honduran Newspaper Features the Viterbi School's Honduran Honorary Consul
June 28, 2010
Catrachos News covers emeritus professor George Chilingar's meeting with incoming President Porfirio Lobo
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Information Sciences Institute Cyberdefense Specialist Honored by IEEE Peers
June 24, 2010
Terry Benzel received a Computer Security Award for Continuing Service from the IEEE Technical Committee on Security and Privacy
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Andrew Viterbi to Receive IEEE Medal of Honor in Montreal
June 16, 2010
The namesake of the Viterbi School leads the list of USC honorees at the June 26 ceremonies
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Actors of Future to be Digital, says Paul Debevec in Taiwan
June 15, 2010
"In the future, probably every actor on a movie will be digitized at the start of shooting," the Viterbi/ICT professor said
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Maja Matarić: Who's Your Robot?
June 02, 2010
The L.A. Weekly profiles the Viterbi School professor and Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems director in its People issue
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Viterbi graduate falls in line at Pantages Theatre
June 02, 2010
Last year, Catherine Ricafort graduated from USC with a degree in industrial engineering. Today, she’s starring in A Chorus Line.
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David Belson on
May 06, 2010
"Working with 20 major hospitals ... a team of USC engineers and students found plenty of low-hanging fruit when it comes to cutting costs," he writes in the Huffington Post
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IEEE Spectrum Salutes 2010 Medal of Honor Winner
May 04, 2010
"Andrew Viterbi invented an algorithm that transformed wireless communications. Then he co-founded Qualcomm."
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Hsieh Department Professor an IEEE
April 29, 2010
A video shows how Dan Dapkus began a tech revolution in the 70s, customizing LEDs 'atom by atom'
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ISI Plays Key Role in  2010 Human Language Technologies Conference in L.A.
April 22, 2010
The Association for Computational Linguistics event will take place June 1-6, facilitated by numerous ISI personnel
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ISI Startup Powers High Performance Design for Small Cap Manufacturers
April 08, 2010
Information Sciences Institute Project Leader Brian Schott is a co-founder, with ISI's Robert Graybill, of NIMBIS Services, now collaborating with IBM.
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Maja Matarić Recognized at 8th USC Remarkable Women Awards Ceremony
April 02, 2010
The Viterbi School Senior Associate Dean is one of three honorees; praised as a leader in many areas.
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Internet pioneers gather in Marina del Rey to honor ISI
March 27, 2010
"Internet royalty from across the country was there to celebrate," the L.A. Times reports, under the proud eyes of ISI director Herb Schorr
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March 15, 2010
AME materials specialist Andrea Hodge is profiled in La Opinión
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USC Researcher Simulates
March 12, 2010
Work by Priya Vashista (CS, Mork) reported in ScienceNews opens possibilities for energy production and storage
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How to Reduce Waiting Time in Doctors' Office? ISE Expert Shares Ideas in <b>American Medical News</b>
March 08, 2010
"'The first step is analyzing what is going on,' said David Belson who has worked with several health care systems on this issue. 'You can start to see where the delays occur.'
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Larry Lim Honored in Sacramento
March 05, 2010
The director of the Viterbi School pre-college program, which serves more than 1000 L.A. middle and high school students, is hailed for 30 years of service
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iPad Brings Back Memories for Bart Mel (BME)
February 08, 2010
In 1987, he was part of a grad student team that won an Apple Corp. prize for its prototype of a tablet computer
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February 04, 2010
IEEE Spectrum reports on Maja Mataric's work with "caregiver robots"
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A Recognition of Nod: Computers that Distinguish Random Head Moves from Gestures
February 02, 2010
The Economist discusses CS researcher Louis-Philippe Morency's ICT success in programming robotic understanding of human body language
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Viterbi School
January 03, 2010
"Having kids made Maja Matarić a different kind of mother of invention. The professor ... heads a team developing creatures with the raison d’être of helping people with special needs."
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VIDEO: Elaine Chew on
January 02, 2010
Epstein Department faculty member part of "Beautiful Science" exhibition at The Huntington
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