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2008 In the News Archive

NSHSS Monthly Spotlights Freshman Scholarship Student
December 23, 2008
Viterbi School freshman Jasmine Thum thought she could get a more well-rounded, quality education at USC. She wasn’t wrong.
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<b>NY Times</b> Column Focuses on USC Software for the Disabled Project
December 19, 2008
Project:Possibility "grew out of an idea two years ago by Christopher Leung, then a master’s degree candidate in computer science and engineering at the university."
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Viterbi School Expertise Helps HPCC Rise in National Supercomputer Rankings
December 01, 2008
Under the direction of CS Professor Priya Vashishta, USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications has moved up to 7th-place standing among U.S. academic supercomputers in the most recent trials.
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ISI Security Expert Speaks to L.A. Times About Career Training
November 30, 2008
In an extended interview, Cliff Neuman, director of the Viterbi School's Center for Computer Systems Security, discusses job prospects and USC course offerings
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Astani Department Expert Analyzes Health Hazards from Wildfire Smoke
November 18, 2008
Constantinos Sioutas, co-director of the Southern California Particle Center, offers a detailed discussion of different dangers from different kinds of emissions on KCRW's Which Way L.A.?.
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Quantum Cryptology Vulnerable to a Stitch in TIme?
November 14, 2008
Todd Brun of the Hsieh department finds that temporal-tunnel 'wormholes' might permit decryption of long-thought-unbreakable qubit coding, Science News reports.
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The Artificial Reef that Failed
November 14, 2008
"It didn't have to end like that." On the widely read website Surfline, Astani department wave expert Jose Borrero analyzes what went wrong in the waters off El Segundo
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November 11, 2008
The story details how Astani Department Professor Yan Xiao invented "GluBam," a sustainable and economical building material now in widening use in China for sturdy houses, bridges and schools
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Scientific American showcases Ted Berger's brain-machine research
October 23, 2008
The work of biomedical engineering professor Theodore Berger, known for his brain chip work, is included in Scientific America's November 2008 cover story, "Plugging into the Brain." The article describes some of Berger's work to mimic memory formation in the hippocampus of a rat's brain.
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Improving the human condition by bridging between engineering and medical and biological sciences
October 22, 2008
A lecture by Thomas F. Budinger, M.D., of the University of California, Berkeley, delivered October 18 at a weekend USC Engineering-Medical retreat to discuss future collaboration.
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When Viterbi Met Keck
October 21, 2008
More than 100 faculty from USC’s medical and engineering schools spent a weekend together Oct. 17-19, exploring opportunities for enhanced collaboration.
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Los Angeles Times Front Page Story on
October 21, 2008
GamePipe's Mike Zyda of CS and others from USC and the industry are interviewed: "The skills they teach [at USC] fit perfectly with what we're trying to do," comments a game development recruiter.
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LA Daily News Features Rail Safety Op-Ed By Prof. Najmedin Meshkati
October 03, 2008
The USC transportation safety expert blames a higher-than-average Metrolink accident rate on "outdated and messy safety-related policies, procedures and practices."
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Journal of Petroleum Technology Extols Viterbi School's
October 02, 2008
A guest editorial by a Schlumberger executive quotes the Mork Department's Iraj Ershaghi and praises "innovative programs, such as those offered at USC," as key to "a major transformation" in the industry
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<b></i>Wired News</b></I> Features Viterbi School Songwriting System
September 30, 2008
"Your New Backing Band: Radiohead, Green Day or Both" — Software created by ISE's Elaine Chew and CS PhD alumna Ching-Hua Chuan can generate accompaniment in any style.
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September 17, 2008
"The current regulatory, oversight and operational structure for ensuring rail safety in California is not working," ISE safety specialist Najmedin Meshkati argues in a Los Angeles Times op-ed.
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Viterbi School Software Randomizes Airport Patrols
September 02, 2008
Security Management magazine examines the ARMOR software developed by CS Professor Milind Tambe and PhD student Praveen Parachuri, designed to "Keep the Adversary Guessing," and successfully tested at LAX.
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ISE Professor-Pianist Probes
August 31, 2008
The September/October issue of Technology Review has an extended article on a Boston "concert and lecture exploring the long-established connection between music and mathematics" by the Viterbi School's Elaine Chew, director of the USC Music Computation and Cognition Laboratory.
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<I>Bulletin of College of Surgeons</I> Highlights Viterbi role in $5 million pediatric disaster planning study
August 11, 2008
Childrens Hospital "is working closely with Robert Neches, a division director at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute, on ways to revolutionize disaster-preparation training."
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Robot playmates offer
July 24, 2008
Canada's Discovery Channel website covers efforts by Maja Matarić of the Viterbi School's Computer Science Department to develop a robotic system to aid therapists treating children with ASD.
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<I>Spotlight on Science</I> Interviews Mork Department's Priya Vashishta
July 08, 2008
The first issue of the new electronic newsletter produced by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency features a Q&A with the director of the USC Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations, both on his work creating supermaterials and on general WMD defense basic research priorities.
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Viterbi School's InfoLab
July 07, 2008
A recent report describes how CS Professor Cyrus Shahabi is successfully adapting his Progressive Data Analysis (ProDA) system, which applies signal processing ideas to data processing problems, to the software giant's computing platforms.
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Epstein Department PhD is
July 01, 2008
A June 30 story in the Wall Street Journal describes the influence of Viterbi School alumnus Alireza Azmandian, who "was drawn to the motivational-speaker circuit when he was a graduate student in the U.S."
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Will Wei-Min Shen's SuperBots Find a Home in the K-12 Classroom?
June 30, 2008
The British tech-in-education magazine Vision takes a long look at how young students might profit from hands-on experience with the modular shape-changing robots developed at ISI
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Viterbi School Expert Educates CNN Audiences on L.A.'s Oil Potential
June 26, 2008
Iraj Ershaghi of the Mork Family Department discussed the potential for increasing production from the 9-billion-barrel oil field that lies under Southern California.
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WIRED Highlights ISI Role in Creation of Internet Address System
June 23, 2008
A 25th anniversary story describes "brilliant" 1983 work by Paul Mockapetris and Jon Postel in creating the now-universal .com, .edu, .gov, .org domain name system at the Viterbi School of Engineering's Information Sciences Institute.
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<i>New Yorker</I> Reporter Visits Hsieh Department Speech Analysis and Interpretation Lab
June 19, 2008
Shrikanth Narayanan's research into speech emotion detection receives a detailed account in an 'Annals of Technology' story in the June 23 issue.
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Chemical Technology Reports on New Eye Device for Glaucoma Patients
June 11, 2008
Glaucoma patients and those with other eye diseases may benefit from a simple polymer device that attaches to the eye, reports Chemical Technology, in its June 9, 2008 review of new work by biomedical engineer Ellis Meng and her colleagues.
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Natural Gas for Cars? NBC News' <i>Today</I>  Asks Viterbi Expert
June 11, 2008
Cars can run on the same fuel used in stoves, and "I think the United States, at least in urban areas, could do the same kind of thing that Argentina is doing," make natural gas available at filling stations, AME Professor Paul Ronney said.
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Maja Mataric's
May 20, 2008
The director of the Viterbi School's Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems and Senior Associate Dean for Research appears on Paul Peterson's Channel 35 weekly discussion show to explain her vision of mechanical creatures who can help the elderly.
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Los Angeles Times Sheds Light on Indian Community at USC
May 20, 2008
The newspaper portrays the Viterbi School as the destination for "an academic tidal wave from the Indian Ocean," thanks to its excellent overseas reputation, outreach trips and welcoming campus environment. The article spotlights Indian Student Association president Guarav Kumar, Senior Associate Dean Cauligi Raghavendra and others.
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Viterbi Faculty Member Pens Op-Ed on China Quake
May 15, 2008
Costas Synolakis praises the Chinese government's willingness to accept outside aid after the devastating 7.9 tremblor, but faults its failure to enforce building codes.
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Viterbi Computer Security Expert Interviewed on Cyberterror Threat
April 10, 2008
G4 Web TV airs an extended discussion with B. Clifford Neuman of ISI, director of the USC Center for Computer Systems Security.
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New York Times Gives Bat Research Top Billing
March 04, 2008
Aerospace engineering Prof. Geoff Spedding's bat flight studies received top billing in today's New York Times, as well as National Public Radio and Science Daily.
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Fingertip Dexterity Research Gets Widespread Coverage
February 08, 2008
Professor Francisco Valero-Cuevas's work on brain-hand circuitry was featured in many widely read science and medical publications.
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ISI SuperBots Star in BBC's
February 03, 2008
Wei-Min Shen introduces his modular, reconfigurable robots as part of a feature report by the British Broadcasting Company on the ongoing revolution in thinking machines.
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January 28, 2008
CNET covers the ISI researcher's investigation of rates of student peer-to-peer file sharing, s study which casts doubt on industry claims of huge financial losses from university-based web exchanges of movie files.
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ISI Expert Explains How Hackers Work
January 25, 2008
Clifford Neuman, director of the USC Center for Computer Security, told KTLA-TV & KCBS audiences how attackers were able to disable the Church of Scientology website by overloading it.
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MTA's Latest 'Train Wreck'
January 14, 2008
In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, transportation expert James E. Moore, II, chair of the Daniel J. Epstein Department, and consultant Tom Rubin show how much public transit has been impacted by construction and funding of the city's rail network.
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