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Multitalented Viterbi Researcher Named ASA Fellow

Linguist/Engineer Honored for Many Contributions to Speech Imaging

November 17, 2005 —
Professor Shrikanth Narayanan, who holds appointments in the USC Viterbi School departments of electrical engineering and computer science, as well as in the College department of linguistics, is one of a small group of investigators who won the title of Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America this year.
His commendation cites his contributions in speech production and imaging.  He will be officially honored at the ASA's annual plenary session in Spring, 2006, in Providence, Rhode Island.
"Shri does outstanding research in speech processing technology, spoken language science and multimedia integration of these fields," said Alexander Sawchuk, chair of the Viterbi School's electrical eningeering-systems department, and director of the Signal and Image Processing Instititue (SIPI), of which Narayanan is a part,  "Our department joins me in congratulating him on this recognition." 
A lengthening page of media stories chronicles the youthful investigator's efforts in such fields as voice-to-voice speech translation, laughter analysis and production, tailoring speech recognition and production to children for educational toys, and answering system devices that detect irritation in callers voices.
Organized 1929, the ASA now has a membership of  nearly 7,000 men and women who work in acoustics throughout the U.S. and abroad.