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Using Outlook Web Access 2007

Using OWA 2007

Outlook Web Access is another method for the user to get access to one’s email, calendar and contacts without the need to install additional software.  Most of what could be accessed from an installation of Microsoft Outlook could be accessed via the web browser.  The latest version of Internet Explorer works best.
From a web browser, point to http://vsoemail.usc.edu to get to the following screen:
Clip Image 002 0002
Selecting This is a public or shared computer will log your session off if there is a short period of inactivity.  Selecting This is a private computer will lengthen the period of activity before the session is logged off.  Selecting Outlook Web Access Light if you have a slow internet connection.  Outlook Web Access Light disables certain bandwidth intensive functions so it could be viewed as a more slimmed down version of Outlook Web Access.  Note that if you are not using the latest version of Internet Explorer or use another web browser such as Firefox, this option will automatically be checked off and you will be presented with the Light version.  Enter your username and password.  The domain is VSOE but entering it before your username is not required.

Once you are signed in, you will see a screen similar to the following.  You may resize your browser to show more information as you see fit.

Clip Image 004 0004

Clip Image 005


Calendar View
Clip Image 007 0000
Clip Image 008


Click on Options on the upper right (near the Log Off button) to bring up the Options View.  Useful options are:

  1. Messaging – Set your Email Signature.  The signature that you use in Microsoft Outlook on your desktop / laptop is not accessible in Outlook Web Access.
  2. Calendar Options – Modify the appearance and reminders for your Calendar.
  3. Out of Office Assistant – With the new version of Exchange server, you may now specify the beginning and end time for your Out of Office auto-replies.
  4. Change Password