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  • AI Seminar: Scalable Task and Motion Planning for Multi Robot Systems in Obstacle Rich Environments

    Fri, Jun 15, 2018 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Information Sciences Institute

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    Speaker: Wolfgang Hönig, USC

    Talk Title: Scalable Task and Motion Planning for Multi Robot Systems in Obstacle Rich Environments

    Series: Artificial Intelligence Seminar

    Abstract: Motion planning problems have been studied in both the artificial intelligence AI and robotics communities. AI solvers can compute plans for hundreds of simple agents in minutes with suboptimality guarantees, while robotics solutions typically include richer kinodynamic models during planning, but are very slow when many robots and obstacles are taken into account.

    We combine the advantages of the two methods by using a two-step approach. First, we use and extend AI solvers for a simplified coordination problem. The output is a discrete plan that cannot be executed on real robots. Second, we apply a computationally efficient post-processing step that creates a continuous plan, taking kinodynamic constraints into account. We show examples for ground robots in a warehouse domain and quadrotors that are tasked with formation change.

    Biography: Wolfgang Honig is a Ph.D. student in the ACT Lab at the University of Southern California. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science from the Technical University Dresden, Germany and an M.S. in Computer Science Intelligent Robotics from USC. His research focuses on enabling large teams of physical robots to collaboratively solve real-world tasks by combining methods from artificial intelligence and robotics

    Host: Satish Kumar Thittamaranahalli

    Location: Information Science Institute (ISI) - 6th Floor Conf Rm-CR# 689

    Audiences: Everyone Is Invited

    Contact: Peter Zamar


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