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Leonid Litvak

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Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering



Dr. Leo Litvak acts as a Senior Director of Research and Technology at Advanced Bionics. Dr. Litvak graduated from Health Science and Technology program at MIT with a Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and from Rice University with BS in Electrical Engineering and BA in Applied Mathematics.

Research Summary

Dr. Litvak's research interests include signal processing for biomedical applications, electric stimulation of the auditory nerve, evoked responses, electrode design, and big data. Within Advanced Bionics, Dr. Litvak leads research into three research topics:

  1. Implant technology focused on novel materials and technology for cochlear implants.

  2. Fitting and objective measures focused on how objective measures obtained from the patients can be used to improve care of cochlear implant recipients.

  3. Signal processing focused on improving perception of cochlear implant recipients in challenging environments.

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Leonid Litvak has not listed an office location.

Contact Information
  • leonid.litvak@advancedbionics.com


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